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1995 Nissan Maxima



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History of a boy and his Maxima.

In the beginning...
I got the car in August of 95 with 13000 miles on it. We paid 17185 plus tax and stuff. It came with the S&C package and the factory cassette deck and CD player.

About three weeks later I managed to rearend a Lincoln Continental in the rain. Two months and about $9000 later, the car was back on the road. The only problem was that now my front end was a different color than the rest of the car, oh well. My first mod was a K&N panel filter. I did this in the interest of longevity and maybe a little power.

When I went off to college in the fall of 96 the Max stayed home. That was a family rule, no car for the first year of school, and then it was grade dependent after that.

So for two years my sister drove it as her first car. She managed to bash it up pretty well. She hit a mailbox, rubbed fenders with a Honda and hit the curb so hard she needed a new tire and rim, TWICE.

Finally, at the beggining of 99 I get my car back. I immediately replaced the stock stereo with an aftermarket system. The system you see now is about the third and final major evolution of the system. I also added an FSTB.

Then disaster again. A crackhead decided to change lanes into the back of my car while I was going about 60mph, spinning me into oncoming traffic, which missed me, luckily. Again a month a $3000 later, the max is back with yet another shade of paint.

This pretty much brings us up to date. The car now has about 110K miles on it. I just installed Tokico struts and Sprint springs. It handles great now. I think its done for a while. Maybe way in future I will get the body work done, but that will likely cost around $6000.